Pampered Pups Extraordinaire- Merchandise Especially For Owners Of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
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An old favorite is back, reformulated with extra calcium, making it perfect for the nursing mother, the fragile elderly dog, or a hard working show or performance dog.  SF-50 in the 500g size.  $22.00

Qty: Price: $22.00 Shipping: $6.00


New! A useful kidney shaped, very sturdy "outdoor" heating element, 25" long at the longest point.  Chew proof cord.  Maintains a steady, gentle heat.  Suitable for older pets with arthritis, or puppies who are weaning and need just a bit of extra warmth in their puppy pen.  I use them in my puppy pen when the litter has outgrown their whelping box.  $75.00




Outdoor Heating Pad
Qty: Price: $75.00 Shipping: $25.00


New!  We searched high and low, and finally found heating pads that do NOT turn off automatically after 2 hours!  Heavy duty construction, chew proof cord, a generous 10" x 6", these are perfect for under your whelping box, under a plush bed, under a towel, however you keep your puppies warm, these will work!  $45.00
Heating Pad 10"x6"
Qty: Price: $45.00 Shipping: $12.00


Miracool Mats now available in two sizes!
Keep your nursing mothers cool and comfortable with a medium sized 24" by 20" mat, perfect for the puppy pen.  The small sized 18" by 14" mat fits nicely in your Sherpa bag to keep your show dog cool and comfy on the plane!  Soak in cool water and the cooling effect lasts for days.  Both sizes are available in blue calico print.  Medium size - $35.00, small size - $25.00
Medium Miracool Mat
Qty: Price: $35.00 Shipping: $5.25

Small Miracool Mat
Qty: Price: $25.00 Shipping: $3.75



Pet Nutridrops - 4 oz size $15.95

The fastest energy source available - goes to the bloodstream in minutes to restore your dog's energy  and stamina.  While other supplements are still digesting, the nutritional combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and glucose are already at work boosting the immune system.  Imcreases the survival of newborn puppies, and is also great for appetite, hypoglycemia, infection, stress and diarrhea.  Full of nutrients that support life and restore a crippled or non-functioning immune system.




Nutri Drops 4 oz
Qty: Price: $15.95 Shipping: $4.95

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