• Small, soft slicker, appropriate for Cavalier hair.  Perfect size for pocket or bait bag while in the ring.
  • UK Slicker Brush

    Our very favorite UK extra soft slicker brushes!  Exactly the right brush for a Cavalier's coat.  The "Terminator" size will easily eliminate dry, dead "spay" coat! The large size will easily remove dead hair to promote new hair growth.  The small size is just right for drying and straightening that show coat.  Easy to tuck in your pocket for in the ring touch ups!  Stock is very limited!  Terminator size brush - $21.00 Large size brush - $18.00  Small size brush - $15.00
  • Leba is the veterinary tested and approved all natural spray to remove accumilated plaque and tartar and keep it gone! The ingredients are herbs; mint (Lamiaceae) and rose (Rosaceae) in trace amounts, stabalized in Ethyl alcohol 25% and distilled water. The herbs are the active ingredient. They stimulate the enzymes and change the chemistry of the mouth. The tartar will soften and fall out. A bottle is one ounce, and contains 240 sprays. Maintanence for a dog under 50 lbs is 1 spray per day. Leba has been in use by veterinarians in Canada since 1994. New lower price! 1 oz spray bottle
  • Kleen Face

    Kleen Face – the last product for tear stains you will ever need. Out-performs any product on the market! Imported from Holland.

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