• New!  The best new product we have found to provide shine to a dull coat!  Zero weight, formulated with natural oils, this does not provide hold.  Spray on VERY lightly and brush through with a natural boar brush.  You will obtain the same shimmer and shine the professionals get!  $23.50
  • New!  Made exclusively for us, hand crafted cosmetic/utility traveling bags, water resistant lining, beautifully finished inside and out.  Top zipper allows the bag to fully open for ease of packing.  A finished loop for hanging on each side, under the zipper, one loop has a D ring for ease of hanging.  Dimensions are 9” long by 5.5” wide by 6.5” deep.  There are a variety of colors, and choice of a sitting Blenheim or a Tricolor head study embroidered applique.  We will do our best to fulfill your wishes for both color and style of Cavalier embroidered applique.
  • We now carry Purina Canine FortiFlora!  Excellent for dogs with a sensitive digestion system, expectant mothers, puppies who are being weaned and have loose stool, any dog with a digestive upset.  Excellent price, and long dated.  30 packets to a box.  $29.50 per box.

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