Clinically proven to help control stress related behaviors in dogs. Refill is 48 ml.

Eliminate unwanted behaviors or help dogs adjust to a new environment with Comfort Zone® Diffuser with D.A.P.® (Dog Appeasing Pheromones) for Dogs. Simply plug Comfort Zone plug-in into an electrical outlet to release the relaxing pheromone scent to naturally calm animals. Reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including: barking, whimpering, whining, chewing, urination, and defecation.

· DAP for dogs mimics a natural reassuring pheromone produced by female dogs when nursing
· Treats an area up to 650 sq ft
· Reduces or eliminates separation anxiety
· Calms dogs during thunderstorms and fireworks or when left home alone.
· Wonderful aid for dams and their litters! Reduces stress and blood pressure in both the dam and the whelps

Designed for use with Comfort Zone plug in dispenser. Odorless and non-toxic. Does not affect humans.